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    Dual-mode inclinometer system Dual-axis, horizontal operation, u00b190u00b0 Single-axis, vertical operation, u00b1180u00b0 High accuracy, 0.1u00b0 Digital inclination data, 0.025u00b0 resolution Digital acceleration data, 0.244 mg resolution u00b11.7 g accelerometer measurement range Digital temperature sensor output Digitally controlled bias calibration Digitally controlled sample rate Digitally controlled frequency response Dual alarm settings with rate/threshold limits Auxiliary digital I/O Digitally activated self-test Digitally activated low power mode SPI-compatible serial interface Auxiliary 12-bit ADC input and DAC output Single-supply operation: 3.0 V to 3.6 V 3500 g powered shock survivability



The ADIS16209 is a high accuracy, digital inclinometer that accommodates both single-axis (±180°) and dual-axis (±90°) operation. The standard supply voltage (3.3 V) and serial peripheral interface (SPI) enable simple integration into most industrial system designs. A simple internal register structure handles all output data and configuration features. This includes access to the following output data: calibrated acceleration, accurate incline angles, power supply, internal temperature, auxiliary analog and digital input signals, diagnostic error flags, and programmable alarm conditions. Configurable operating parameters include sample rate, power management, digital filtering, auxiliary analog and digital output, offset/null adjustment, and self-test for sensor mechanical structure. The ADIS16209 is available in a 9.2 mm × 9.2 mm × 3.9 mm LGA package that operates over a temperature range of −40°C to +125°C. It can be attached using standard RoHS-compliant solder reflow processes.


Kit Application Type:
Sensing - Motion Vibration Shock
Silicon Manufacturer:
Analog Devices
Silicon Core Number:
Application Sub Type:
Dual-Axis Accelerometer
Kit Contents:
Evaluation Board ADIS16209
Product Range:
ADIS16209 Series
No SVHC (07-Jul-2017)
Digitally Controlled Sensitivity & Bias Calibration Digitally Controlled Sample Rate SPI Interface

Alternate Descriptions

RS Components
Eval Board, Inclinometer/Accelerometer
Newark Electronics
MEMS INCLINOMETER, DEV BOARD; Kit Application Type:Sensing - Motion, Vibration, Shock; Silicon Manufacturer:Analog Devices; Silicon Core Number:ADIS16209; Application Sub Type:Dual-Axis Accelerometer; Kit Contents:Evaluation Board RoHS Compliant: Yes
RS Components UK
Eval Board, Inclinometer/Accelerometer
RS Components DE
Analog Devices ADIS16209, Beschleunigungsmesser-Sensor, Neigungsmesser-Sensor Entwicklungskit, Evaluierungsplatine für Zum Einsatz mit : iSensor EVAL-ADISZ, MPN: ADIS16209/PCBZ
RS Components HK
Eval Board, Inclinometer/Accelerometer
RS Components JP
RS Components FR
Carte d'évaluation
RS Components CN
Analog Devices ADIS16209/PCBZ 开发套�
RS Components ES
Eval Board, Inclinometer/Accelerometer
RS Components NL
Eval Board, Inclinometer/Accelerometer
RS Components NO
Eval Board, Inclinometer/Accelerometer
RS Components US
Eval Board, Inclinometer/Accelerometer
RS Components SG
Eval Board, Inclinometer/Accelerometer
RS Components TW
Eval Board, Inclinometer/Accelerometer