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    1.6 GHz differential clock input 3 programmable dividers Divide-by in range from1 to 32 Phase select for coarse delay adjust 2 independent 1.6 GHz LVPECL clock outputs Additive broadband output jitter 225 fs rms 1 independent 800 MHz/250 MHz LVDS/CMOS clock output Additive broadband output jitter 300 fs rms/290 fs rms Time delays up to 10 ns Device configured with 4-level logic pins Space-saving, 32-lead LFCSP



The AD9514 features a multi-output clock distribution IC in a design that emphasizes low jitter and phase noise to maximize data converter performance. Other applications with demanding phase noise and jitter requirements also benefit from this part. There are three independent clock outputs. Two of the outputs are LVPECL, and the third output can be set to either LVDS or CMOS levels. The LVPECL outputs operate to 1.6 GHz, and the third output operates to 800 MHz in LVDS mode and to 250 MHz in CMOS mode. Each output has a programmable divider that can be set to divide by a selected set of integers ranging from 1 to 32. The phase of one clock output relative to another clock output can be set by means of a divider phase select function that serves as a coarse timing adjustment. The LVDS/CMOS output features a delay element with three selectable full-scale delay values (1.5 ns, 5 ns, and 10 ns), each with 16 steps of fine adjustment. The AD9514 does not require an external controller for operation or setup. The device is programmed by means of 11 pins (S0 to S10) using 4-level logic. The programming pins are internally biased to ⅓ VS. The VREF pin provides a level of ⅔ VS. VS (3.3 V) and GND (0 V) provide the other two logic levels. The AD9514 is ideally suited for data converter clocking applications where maximum converter performance is achieved by encode signals with subpicosecond jitter. The AD9514 is available in a 32-lead LFCSP and operates from a single 3.3 V supply. The temperature range is −40°C to +85°C.


Clock IC Type:
Clock Distribution Divider
No. of Outputs:
Supply Voltage Min:
Supply Voltage Max:
Clock IC Case Style:
No. of Pins:
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
Product Range:
AD9514 Series
Automotive Qualification Standard:
RoHS Phthalates Compliant:
MSL 3 - 168 hours
No SVHC (07-Jul-2017)
IC Generic Number:
Input Type:
Operating Temperature Range:
-40°C to +85°C
Output Type:
Supply Voltage Range:
3.135V to 3.465V
Termination Type:
Surface Mount Device
Clock Distribution

Alternate Descriptions

RS Components
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
Newark Electronics
CLOCK DISTRIBUTION, 9514, LFCSP-32; Clock IC Type:Clock Distribution, Divider; Frequency:1.6GHz; No. of Outputs:3Outputs; Supply Voltage Min:3.135V; Supply Voltage Max:3.465V; Clock IC Case Style:LFCSP; No. of Pins:32Pins; Operating RoHS Compliant: Yes
Richardson RFPD
RS Components UK
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
RS Components DE
AD9514BCPZ, Takt-Verteilung, 2-Input LFCSP, 32-Pin Betriebsart : Differential Montage-Typ : SMD Abmessungen : 5 x 5 x 0.83mm Länge : 5mm Betriebstemperatur max. : +85 °C Ausgangsfrequenz max. : 1.6GHz Betriebstemperatur min. : -40 °C Ausgangsfrequenz min. : 0GHz, Analog Devices
RS Components HK
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
RS Components JP
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
RS Components FR
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
RS Components CN
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
RS Components ES
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
RS Components NL
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
RS Components NO
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
RS Components US
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
RS Components SG
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC
RS Components TW
1.6 GHz Clock Distribution IC