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    Complete, Fully Calibrated Log-Limiting IF Amplifier 100 dB Dynamic Range: u201391 dBV to +9 dBV Stable RSSI Scaling Over Temperature and Supplies: 20 mV/dB Slope, u201395 dBm Intercept u2d1e0.4 dB RSSI Linearity up to 200 MHz Programmable Limiter Gain and Output Current Differential Outputs to 10 mA, 2.4 V p-p Overall Gain 90 dB, Bandwidth 400 MHz Constant Phase (Typical u2d1e56 ps Delay Skew) Single Supply of +2.7 V to +6.5 V at 16 mA Typical Fully Differential Inputs, RIN = 1 ku2340, CIN = 2.5 pF 500 ns Power-Up Time, <1 u242eA Sleep Current



The AD8306 is a complete IF limiting amplifier, providing both an accurate logarithmic (decibel) measure of the input signal (the RSSI function) over a dynamic range of 100 dB, and a programmable limiter output, useful from 5 MHz to 400 MHz. It is easy to use, requiring few external components. A single supply voltage of +2.7 V to +6.5 V at 16 mA is needed, corre- sponding to a power consumption of under 50 mW at 3 V, plus the limiter bias current, determined by the application and typi- cally 2 mA, providing a limiter gain of 90 dB when using 200 Ω loads. A CMOS-compatible control interface can enable the AD8306 within about 500 ns and disable it to a standby current of under 1 µA. The six cascaded amplifier/limiter cells in the main path have a small signal gain of 12.04 dB (×4), with a –3 dB bandwidth of 850 MHz, providing a total gain of 72 dB. The programmable output stage provides a further 18 dB of gain. The input is fully differential and presents a moderately high impedance (1 kΩ in parallel with 2.5 pF). The input-referred noise-spectral-density, when driven from a terminated 50 Ω, source is 1.28 nV/√Hz, equivalent to a noise figure of 3 dB. The sensitivity of the AD8306 can be raised by using an input matching network. Each of the main gain cells includes a full-wave detector. An additional four detectors, driven by a broadband attenuator, are used to extend the top end of the dynamic range by over 48 dB. The overall dynamic range for this combination extends from –91 dBV (–78 dBm at the 50 Ω level) to a maximum permissible value of +9 dBV, using a balanced drive of antiphase inputs each of 2 V in amplitude, which would correspond to a sine wave power of +22 dBm if the differential input were terminated in 50 Ω. Through laser trimming, the slope of the RSSI output is closely controlled to 20 mV/dB, while the intercept is set to –108 dBV (–95 dBm re 50 Ω). These scaling parameters are determined by a band-gap voltage reference and are substantially indepen- dent of temperature and supply. The logarithmic law conform- ance is typically within ±0.4 dB over the central 80 dB of this range at any frequency between 10 MHz and 200 MHz, and is degraded only slightly at 400 MHz. The RSSI response time is nominally 73 ns (10%–90%). The averaging time may be increased without limit by the addition of an external capacitor. The full output of 2.34 V at the maximum input of +9 dBV can drive any resistive load down to 50 Ω and this interface remains stable with any value of capacitance on the output. The AD8306 is fabricated on an advanced complementary bipolar process using silicon-on-insulator isolation techniques and is available in the industrial temperature range of –40°C to +85°C, in a 16-lead narrow body SO package. The AD8306 is also available for the full military temperature range of –55°C to +125°C, in a 16-lead side-brazed ceramic DIP.


No. of Amplifiers:
6 Amplifier, 6Amplifiers
Dynamic Range:
100 dB
Scale Factor:
Response Time:
Amplifier Case Style:
No. of Pins:
Supply Voltage Range:
2.7V to 6.5V
Input Offset Voltage:
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
Product Range:
RoHS Phthalates Compliant:
MSL 1 - Unlimited
No SVHC (07-Jul-2017)
Amplifer Supply Voltage:
2.7V to 6.5V
Base Number:
Dynamic Range Decades:
Operating Temperature Range:
-40°C to +85°C
Scale Factor V / Decade:
Supply Current:

Alternate Descriptions

Richardson RFPD