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    Measures Gain/Loss and Phase up to 2.7 GHz Dual Demodulating Log Amps and Phase Detector Input Range u201360 dBm to 0 dBm in a 50 u2340 System Accurate Gain Measurement Scaling (30 mV/dB) Typical Nonlinearity < 0.5 dB Accurate Phase Measurement Scaling (10 mV/Degree) Typical Nonlinearity < 1 Degree Measurement/Controller/Level Comparator Modes Operates from Supply Voltages of 2.7 Vu20135.5 V Stable 1.8 V Reference Voltage Output Small Signal Envelope Bandwidth from DC to 30 MHz



The AD8302 is a fully integrated system for measuring gain/loss and phase in numerous receive, transmit, and instrumentation applications. It requires few external components and a single supply of 2.7 V–5.5 V. The ac-coupled input signals can range from –60 dBm to 0 dBm in a 50 Ω system, from low frequencies up to 2.7 GHz. The outputs provide an accurate measurement of either gain or loss over a ±30 dB range scaled to 30 mV/dB, and of phase over a 0°–180° range scaled to 10 mV/degree. Both subsystems have an output bandwidth of 30 MHz, which may optionally be reduced by the addition of external filter capacitors. The AD8302 can be used in controller mode to force the gain and phase of a signal chain toward predetermined setpoints. The AD8302 comprises a closely matched pair of demodulating logarithmic amplifiers, each having a 60 dB measurement range. By taking the difference of their outputs, a measurement of the magnitude ratio or gain between the two input signals is available. These signals may even be at different frequencies, allowing the measurement of conversion gain or loss. The AD8302 may be used to determine absolute signal level by applying the unknown signal to one input and a calibrated ac reference signal to the other. With the output stage feedback connection dis- abled, a comparator may be realized, using the setpoint pins MSET and PSET to program the thresholds. The signal inputs are single-ended, allowing them to be matched and connected directly to a directional coupler. Their input impedance is nominally 3 kΩ at low frequencies. The AD8302 includes a phase detector of the multiplier type, but with precise phase balance driven by the fully limited signals appearing at the outputs of the two logarithmic amplifiers. Thus, the phase accuracy measurement is independent of signal level over a wide range. The phase and gain output voltages are simultaneously available at loadable ground referenced outputs over the standard output range of 0 V to 1.8 V. The output drivers can source or sink up to 8 mA. A loadable, stable reference voltage of 1.8 V is avail- able for precise repositioning of the output range by the user. In controller applications, the connection between the gain output pin VMAG and the setpoint control pin MSET is broken. The desired setpoint is presented to MSET and the VMAG control signal drives an appropriate external variable gain device. Likewise, the feedback path between the phase output pin VPHS and its setpoint control pin PSET may be broken to allow operation as a phase controller. The AD8302 is fabricated on Analog Devices’ proprietary, high performance 25 GHz SOI complementary bipolar IC process. It is available in a 14-lead TSSOP package and operates over a –40°C to +85°C temperature range. An evaluation board is available.


Frequency Min:
Frequency Max:
Input Power Min:
Input Power Max:
RF IC Case Style:
No. of Pins:
Supply Voltage Min:
Supply Voltage Max:
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
Product Range:
AD8302 Series
RoHS Phthalates Compliant:
MSL 1 - Unlimited
No SVHC (07-Jul-2017)
3dB Dynamic Range:
Base Number:
Frequency Range:
0Hz to 2.7GHz
I/P Frequency Range:
LF to 2.7GHz
I/P Power Range:
-60dBm to 0dBm
Operating Temperature Range:
-40°C to +85°C
Power Range:
-60dBm to 0dBm
Supply Current:
Supply Voltage Range:
2.7V to 5.5V
Termination Type:
Surface Mount Device

Alternate Descriptions

RS Components
RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector
Newark Electronics
RF/IF GAIN PHASE DETECTOR, TSSOP14; Frequency Min:0Hz; Frequency Max:2.7GHz; Input Power Min:-60dBm; Input Power Max:0dBm; Sensitivity:-; RF IC Case Style:TSSOP; No. of Pins:14Pins; Supply Voltage Min:2.7V; Supply Voltage Max:5.5V; RoHS Compliant: Yes
Richardson RFPD
RS Components UK
RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector
RS Components DE
RF-Verstärker AD8302ARUZ Verstärkungs- und Phasendetektor 2-Kanal, 14-Pin TSSOP 3 DB Bandbreite typ. : 30MHz Ausgangsleistung : 30dBm Montage-Typ : SMD Abmessungen : 5 x 4.4 x 1mm Länge : 5mm Betriebstemperatur max. : +85 °C Betriebstemperatur min. : –40 °C Breite : 4.4mm, Analog Devices
RS Components HK
RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector
RS Components JP
RS Components FR
RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector
RS Components CN
RF 放大器 AD8302ARUZ, 14引脚 TSSOP
RS Components ES
RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector
RS Components NL
RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector
RS Components NO
RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector
RS Components SG
RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector
RS Components TW
RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector