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    Pin Selectable Gains of 10 and 100 True Single-Supply Operation Single-Supply Range of +2.4V to +10V Dual-Supply Range of u2d1e1.2V to u2d1e6V Wide OutputVoltage Range of 30 mV to 4.7V Optional Low-Pass Filtering Excellent DC Performance Low Input OffsetVoltage: 500 u242eV Max Large Common-Mode Range: 0V to +54V Low Power: 1.2 mW (VS = +5V) Good CMR of 90 dBTyp AC Performance Fast SettlingTime: 24 u242es (0.01%) Includes Input Protection Series Resistive Inputs (RIN = 200 ku2340) RFI Filters Included Allows 50V Continuous Overload



The AD626 is a low cost, true single-supply differential amplifier designed for amplifying and low-pass filtering small differential voltages from sources having a large common-mode voltage. The AD626 can operate from either a single supply of +2.4V to +10V, or dual supplies of ±1.2V to ±6V.The input common-mode range of this amplifier is equal to 6 (+VS – 1V) which provides a +24V CMR while operating from a +5V supply. Furthermore, the AD626 features a CMR of 90 dB typ. The amplifier’s inputs are protected against continuous overload of up to 50V, and RFI filters are included in the attenuator network. The output range is +0.03V to +4.9V using a +5V supply.The amplifier provides a preset gain of 10, but gains between 10 and 100 can be easily configured with an external resistor. Further- more, a gain of 100 is available by connecting the G = 100 pin to analog ground.The AD626 also offers low-pass filter capability by connecting a capacitor between the filter pin and analog ground. The AD626A and AD626B operate over the industrial temperature range of –40°C to +85°C.The AD626 is available in two 8-lead packages: a plastic mini-DIP and SOIC. 140 0 1M 60 20


No. of Amplifiers:
Input Offset Voltage:
Gain dB Max:
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
Amplifier Case Style:
No. of Pins:
Supply Voltage Range:
2.4V to 12V
Slew Rate:
Product Range:
AD626 Series
Automotive Qualification Standard:
RoHS Phthalates Compliant:
MSL 1 - Unlimited
No SVHC (07-Jul-2017)
Amplifer Supply Voltage:
2.4V to 12V
Supply Current:

Alternate Descriptions

RS Components
Differential amplifier,AD626AR SOIC8
Newark Electronics
Differential Amplifier, Single-Supply, 1, 50 V, 100 dB, 100 kHz, -40 C, 85 C RoHS Compliant: Yes
Transfer Multisort Elektronik
Operational amplifier; 100kHz; Channels:1; SO8
Schukat Electronic
Diff-Amp 100kHz >66dB SO8
RS Components UK
Differential amplifier,AD626AR SOIC8
RS Components DE
Differenzverstärker AD626ARZ, 5 V 1-Kanal SOIC 8-Pin Stromversorgungs-Typ : Dual, Single Versorgungsspannung bipolar typ. : ±5V Offsetspannung Eingang max. : 2.5mV Eingangswiderstand max. : 0.02MΩ Gleichtaktunterdrückung min. : 55dB Montage-Typ : SMD Abmessungen : 5 x 4 x 1.5mm Betriebstemperatur max. : +85 °C Betriebstemperatur min. : –40 °C, Analog Devices
RS Components HK
Differential amplifier,AD626AR SOIC8
RS Components JP
RS Components FR
Differential amplifier,AD626AR SOIC8
RS Components CN
差分放大器 AD626ARZ, 5V, 8引脚 SO
RS Components ES
Differential amplifier,AD626AR SOIC8
RS Components NL
Differential amplifier,AD626AR SOIC8
RS Components NO
RS Components US
Differential amplifier,AD626AR SOIC8
RS Components SG
Differential amplifier,AD626AR SOIC8
RS Components TW
I.c. Ad626ar