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PICtail Daughter Board for SD & MMC Cards
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  • feature
    Compatible with many boards with PICtail Daughter Board and PICtail Plus interface, including Explorer 16
  • feature
    Includes PICtail Daughter Board and PICtail Plus Board connection interfaces
  • feature
    Operates on a wide range of voltages from 3.3V-5.0V DC
  • feature
    Supports auto-triggering of files on SD cards


SCK O RC3/RB1 RF6/RG6 SPI Clock Out SDI I RC4/RB0 RF7/RG7 SPI Data In SDO O RC5/RC7 RF8/RG8 SPI Data Out CD I RB4 RF0/RG0 Physical Card Insertion Detect Signal WD I RA4 RF1/RG1 Physical Write-Protect Switch Status Signal CS O RB3 RB1/RB9 Low Asserting SPI Chip Select Europe Austria - Weis - 43-7242-2244-39 Denmark - Copenhagen - 45-4450-2828 France - Paris - 33-1-69-53-63-20 Germany - Munich - 49-89-627-144-0 Italy - Milan - 39-0331-742611 Netherlands - Drunen - 31-416-690399 Spain - Madrid - 34-91-708-08-90 UK - Wokingham - 44-118-921-5869 01/02/08 Americas Atlanta - 678-957-9614 Boston - 774-760-0087 Chicago - 630-285-0071 Dallas - 972-818-7423 Detroit - 248-538-2250 Kokomo - 765-864-8360 Los Angeles - 949-462-9523 Phoenix - 480-792-7200 Santa Clara - 408-961-6444 Toronto - 905-673-0699 PICtail™ Daughter Board for SD™ and MMC Cards Overview The PICtail Daughter Board for SD and MMC Cards is a demonstration board for evaluating reading and writing data on SD or MMC cards. It is an expansion board compatible with a number of PICDEM™ demonstration boards. A complete list of compatible PICDEM demonstration boards is available on Microchip’s web site. Note: The implementation and use of the FAT file system, SD card specifications, MMC card specifications and other third party tools may require a license from various entities, including, but not limited to Microsoft® Corporation, SD Card Association and MMCA. It is your responsibility to obtain more information regarding any applicable licensing obligations. Some third party web sites have been listed in “References” for your convenience. Getting Started To get started, a compatible PICDEM demonstration board is required. In general, a board is compatible if it has a PICtail Daughter Board interface expansion port or a PICtail Plus board interface expansion port. Most PICDEM demonstration boards do not have the female PICtail Daughter Board header installed, so a 14x2 female connector is included with this kit for the user to install onto the PICDEM demonstration board if necessary. When connecting this daughter board to a board with the PICtail Plus connector, like the Explorer 16 Development Board, the connector should be inserted in the first slot of the demonstration board (aligned with Pin #1) to communicate using the SPI1 module, or in the second slot of the demonstration board (aligned with Pin #33) to communicate using the SPI2 module. Note that the pins used for other signals will change as well, depending on the slot selected.


Silicon Manufacturer:
Core Architecture:
Core Sub-Architecture:
Silicon Core Number:
Silicon Family Name:
For Use With:
SD and MMC Cards
Kit Contents:
Product Range:
No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)
Development Tool Type:
SD/MMC Daughter Board
Supports Auto-triggering of Files on SD Cards
Kit Features:
PICtail Plus Daughter Board for Secure Digital/Multimedia Card to SPI interface
Hardware - Daughter Card

Alternate Descriptions

Avnet America

SD/MMC Pictail Plus Daughter Board

Avnet America product

Microchip Technology Inc

PICtail Daughter Board for SD & MMC Cards

Avnet Europe

SD/MMC Pictail Plus Daughter Board

Avnet Europe product

Future Electronics

PICtailÔ Daughter Board for SD & MMC Card