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BLINDSTOPFEN Seal Type:Cavity Blanking Plug
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Series Information for 963531-1 - TE Connectivity
  • Status: Active
  • Aliases: 1072607258
  • Product Code: M419
  • Global Product Line: N03
  • GPL Description: Automotive




Cable Insulation Diameter:
.154in, 3.9mm
Cavity Diameter:
3.6mm, .142in
UL Flammability Rating:
Lubricant Content:
Resistance to Hydrocarbons:
Shore A Hardness:
Seal Type:
Cavity Blanking Plug
Operating Temperature Range:
-40 – 130°C, -40 – 266°F


  • Compatible Parts: 953756-1, 444046-1, 284716-1, 284716-2, 284716-3, 1379208-3, 1379208-4, 1746894-1, 1746894-2, 1746894-3, 1746894-4, 1-1379208-2, 284716-4, 1743350-2, 1743354-2, 1743632-2, 1746894-5, 1743059-3, 1-1743059-2, 1897009-2, 1897210-1, 1897212-1, 1897211-2, 1897207-2, 1897208-1, 1897209-2, 1897688-2, 1743695-2, 1743486-3, 1743059-1, 284716-5, 1-2112502-1, 1-1743632-2, 284716-6, 444046-4, 6-2137400-2, 6-2137400-8, 6-2278090-1, 2288376-1, 1-284716-1, 1-284716-2, 1-284716-3, 1-284716-4, 1-284716-5, 1-284716-7
  • RoHS Compliant
  • ELV Compliant
  • Lead free solder process: Not applicable for solder process capability

Alternate Descriptions

RS Components
2.5mm system,3.6mm dia cavity plug
Newark Electronics
Connector Accessory, White, Cavity Plug, 2.5 mm System and HDSCS Series Connectors RoHS Compliant: Yes
Avnet America
Connector Accessories Cavity Plug White Loose Piece
Rapid Electronics
TE 963531-1 Seal Plug for Cavity Diameter 3.6mm White
Allied Electronics, Inc
Heavy Duty Sealed Conn SER(HDSCS )SER Cavity Plug For Micro Trimer II Conns
Power and Signal Group
BLINDSTOPFEN Silicone Cavity Blanking Plug, 3.6 mm cavity diameter, 3.9 mm cable insulation diameter, poor resistance to hydrocarbons
Avnet Europe
Connector Accessories Cavity Plug White Loose Piece
TE Store
BLINDSTOPFEN Seal Type:Cavity Blanking Plug;Cavity Diameter:3.6 mm;Cavity Diameter:.142 in;Cable Insulation Diameter:.154 in;Cable Insulation Diameter:3.9 mm Cavity Blanking Plug 3.6 mm .142" .154" | Automotive Seal & Cavity Plug | Alias Number: 1072607258 | TE Connectivity
This plug-connector displays its excellent electric properties through rational processing and high stress. For single hole mounting, simple processing and device plug-in is provided.Typical application range: Sensors, Magnet valves or voltage supply
Heilind Electronics Europe
RS Components UK
2.5mm system,3.6mm dia cavity plug
RS Components DE
TE Connectivity Serie Heavy Duty Sealed Connector Series (HDSCS ) Dichtung für Steckverbinder Typ : Hohlraumstecker Anschlusstyp : Micro Trimer II, MPN: 963531-1
RS Components HK
2.5mm system,3.6mm dia cavity plug
RS Components JP
2.5mm system,3.6mm dia cavity
RS Components FR
Obturateur dia 3,6mm pour système 2,5mm
RS Components CN
2.5mm system,3.6mm dia cavity plug
RS Components ES
2.5mm system,3.6mm dia cavity plug
RS Components NL
2.5mm system,3.6mm dia cavity plug
RS Components NO
2.5mm system,3.6mm dia cavity plug
RS Components SG
2.5mm system,3.6mm dia cavity plug
RS Components TW
2.5mm system,3.6mm dia cavity plug