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Details for 1SNK905305R0000 by TE Connectivity
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1SNK905305R0000 by TE Connectivity

Part Information
1SNK905305R0000 image
RoHS Compliant
Not reviewed for solder process capability
Status: Active
Product Code: Y09G
Global Product Line: ABT
GPL Description: Industrial
Plastic & Resin Material Type:
Primary Product Color:
Product Weight:
.124oz, 3.5g
Number of Poles:
Contact Current Rating (Max):
Product Width:
5.2mm, .205in
Product Spacing:
5.2mm, .205in
Product Depth:
1.055in, 26.8mm
Product Height:
23.8mm, .937in
Voltage Rating (CSA):
Current Rating (UL):
Power Loss:
Operating Voltage Rating (UL & CSA) (Max) - Main Circuit:
Short-Time Withstanding Current Rating @ 1s:
Impulse Withstanding Voltage Rating (IEC):
Current Rating (IEC):
Dielectric Test Voltage:
Voltage Rating (IEC):
Current Rating (CSA):
IP Rating:
Conducting Accessory Type:
Jumper Bar
Connection Method:
Storage Temperature Range:
-67 – 230°F, -55 – 110°C
Installation Temperature Range:
-5 – 40°C, 23 – 104°F
Operating Temperature Range:
-55 – 110°C, -67 – 230°F
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Alternate Descriptions
JB5-5 5 POLE JUMPER 5.2MM SP Onlinecomponents.com
5 Pole Jumper Bar 5mm Pitch RS Components
JUMPER BAR, 5POS, 5.2MM; Accessory Type:Jumper Bar; For Use With:Entrelec SNK Series Pluggable Terminal Blocks; No. of Positions:5Positions; Pitch Spacing:5.2mm; Product Range:SNK Series RoHS Compliant: Yes Newark Electronics
Screwless Jumper Bar for ZDK2.5-22/ZDP2.5-D2/ZK2.5-D1-PE Terminal Block Polyamide Orange Avnet America
Jumper Bar, 5 Pole, 5.2mm Spacing, Screwless, Orange, 30A, SNK Series Allied Electronics & Automation
JB5-5 Conducting Accessory Type: Jumper Bar Number of Poles: 5 PCB Mount Retention Type: Screwless Primary Product Color: Orange Product Spacing: .205 in Jumper Bar 5 Screwless Orange | Terminal Block & Strip Conducting Accessories | Part Number: 1SNK905305R0000 | Internal Number: 1SNK905305R0000 | TE Connectivity TE Store
In a Pack of 5, 5 Pole Jumper Bar 5mm Pitch RS Components TR
5 Pole Jumper Bar 5mm Pitch RS Components IT