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Details for 0413-204-2005 by TE Connectivity
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0413-204-2005 by TE Connectivity

Part Information
0413-204-2005 image
RoHS Compliant
ELV Compliant
Not reviewed for solder process capability
Status: Active
Aliases: 0413-204-2005-AS, 0413-204-2005-L, 0413-204-2005-LS, $$0413-204-2005, 5-1899776-3, ZPF000000000133669, 0413-204-2005-LD
Product Code: EQ90
Global Product Line: J42
GPL Description: Industrial & Commercial Transportation
Cavity Diameter:
1.575mm, .062in
UL Flammability Rating:
Resistance to Hydrocarbons:
Lubricant Content:
Packaging Method:
Packaging Quantity:
Seal Type:
Sealing Plug
Operating Temperature Range:
-67 – 257°F, -55 – 125°C
Compatible Parts
DT04-08PB-C015 DT04-08PB-CE01 DT04-08PC-CE01 DT04-08PD-CE01 DT06-12SB-C015 DT06-12SB-CE01 DT06-12SB-CE04 DT06-12SB-CE05 DT06-12SB-CE06 DT06-12SB-CE13 DT04-12PA-BE04 DT04-12PA-BL10 DT04-12PA-BL11 DT04-12PA-C015 DT04-12PA-CE01 DT04-12PA-CE02 DT04-12PA-CE03 DT04-12PA-CE04 DT04-12PA-CE07 DT04-12PA-CE08 DT06-12SC-C015 DT06-12SC-CE01 DT06-12SC-CE05 DT06-12SC-CE06 DT04-12PA-CE09 DT04-12PA-CL11 DT04-12PA-FL02 DT04-12PA-LE06 DT06-12SD-C015 DT06-12SD-CE04 DT06-12SD-CE05 DT06-12SD-CE06 DT06-2S-C015 DT06-2S-CE01 DT06-2S-CE03 DT06-2S-CE04 DT04-12PA-LE20 DT04-12PA-LE21 DT04-12PB-BL11 DT04-12PB-C015 DT06-2S-CE05 DT06-2S-CE06 DT06-2S-CE13 DT06-2S-LC01 DT04-08PA-CL06 DT04-12PB-CE01 DT04-12PB-CE07 DT04-12PB-CE08 DT04-12PB-FL02 DT04-12PB-LE21 DT06-3S-C015 DT06-3S-CE01 DT06-3S-CE02 DT06-3S-CE04 DT06-3S-CE05 DT06-3S-CE06 DT06-3S-CE13 DT06-3S-CE14 DT04-08PA-CE09 DT04-12PA-CL03 DT04-12PA-CL06 DT04-12PC-CL03 DT04-12PC-C015 DT04-12PC-CE01 DT04-12PC-CE07 DT04-12PC-CE08 DT06-3S-LC01 DT06-4S-C015 DT06-4S-CE01 DT06-4S-CE02 DT06-4S-CE04 DT06-4S-CE05 DT06-4S-CE06 DT06-4S-CE13 DT04-3P-CL03 DT04-4P-CL06 DT06-6S-LC01 DT04-12PD-C015 DT04-12PD-CE07 DT04-2P-C015 DT04-2P-CE01 DT04-2P-CE02 DT04-2P-CE04 DT06-4S-CE15 DT06-4S-LC01 DT06-6S-C015 DT06-6S-CE01 DT06-6S-CE02 DT04-2P-CE09 DT06-6S-CE05 DT06-6S-CE06 DT06-6S-CE13 DT04-3P-C015 DT04-3P-CE01 DT04-3P-CE02 DT04-3P-CE03 DT04-3P-CE04 DT04-3P-CE09 DT04-3P-CL06 DT04-4P-C015 DT04-4P-CE01 DT04-4P-CE02 DT04-4P-CE03 DT04-4P-CE04 DT04-4P-CE09 DT04-6P-C015 DT04-6P-CE01 DT04-6P-CE02 DT04-6P-CE03 DT04-6P-CE09 DT04-6P-CL09 DT04-6P-CL10 DT06-08SA-C015 DT06-08SA-CE01 DT06-08SA-CE04 DT06-08SA-CE05 DT06-08SA-CE06 DT06-08SA-CE10 DT06-08SA-CE11 DT06-08SA-CE12 DT06-08SA-CE13 DT06-08SB-C015 DT06-08SB-CE01 DT06-08SB-CE05 DT06-08SB-CE06 DT06-08SC-CE01 DT06-08SC-CE05 DT06-08SD-CE01 DT06-12SA-C015 DT06-12SA-CE01 DT06-12SA-CE02 DT04-08PA-C015 DT04-08PA-CE01 DT04-08PA-CE02 DT04-08PA-CE03 DT04-08PA-CL07 DT06-12SA-CE04 DT06-12SA-CE05 DT06-12SA-CE06 DT06-12SA-CE10 DT06-12SA-CE11 DT06-12SA-CE12 DT06-12SA-CE13 DT04-12PD-LE21 2292906-1 1-2303813-1 1-2303813-4 2-2303813-1 2-2303813-4 1-2303812-1 1-2303812-4 2-2303812-1 2-2303812-4 1-2303815-1 1-2303815-4 2-2303815-1 2-2303815-4 1-2303816-1 1-2303816-4 2-2303816-1 2-2303816-4 2292906-2 2338170-1
Alternate Descriptions
Sealing Plug Size 20 RS Components
SEALING PLUG, SIZE 20; Accessory Type:Sealing Plug; For Use With:Common Contact System; Product Range:HD30, HDP20 Series RoHS Compliant: Yes Newark Electronics
Cavity Blanking Plug Red 20 Size for HD Series Connectors Avnet America
Sealing Plug, Size 20, Cavity Diameter 1.575mm (.062in), Red, DEUTSCH Allied Electronics & Automation
7-WAY WIRE SEAL FILLER PLUG Ralphs Industrial Electronic Supplies
SEALING PLUG, SIZE 20, RED Seal Type: Sealing Plug Cavity Diameter: 1.575 mm Cavity Diameter: .062 in Material: Other Resistance to Hydrocarbons: Fair Sealing Plug 1.575 mm .062" | Deutsch Sealing Plug | Part Number: 0413-204-2005 | Internal Number: 0413-204-2005 | Alias Number: $$0413-204-2005 | TE Connectivity TE Store
For closing of unused poles for guaranteeing class IPXX protection.This text is machine translated. Conrad
HD Series Plug Size 20 Sealing Industrial Connector Future Electronics
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