In this article, we are going to put a spotlight on the ZXLD1362ET5TA LED Driver. This is a product that was brought to life by Diodes Incorporated. And the item is on sale today via our website from various authorised distributors at various price points, amongst them Mouser Electronics UK, RS Components UK and Future Electronics. With all that being said, we now want to emphasise the main benefits of this exciting electronic part, the ZXLD1362ET5TA LED Driver.

ZXLD1362ET5TA LED driver by diodes incorporated
ZXLD1362ET5TA LED Driver


An LED driver such as the ZXLD1362ET5TA can prove to be a powerful and useful device. By definition, an LED driver is a self-contained electrical circuit that supplies additional voltage power. It serves to power up a diode that emits light, meaning that it essentially provides the power generator necessary for the lights to shine brightly and safely. These products also serve to convert higher voltages into lower voltages where necessary, and they can also direct the flow of any electrical currents connected to the device. The machines that most frequently use an LED driver include the likes of indicator lights and brake lights on the outer frame of a motor vehicle, along with electronic billboards and signs in bus stops and train stations. All of these make use of LED drivers, with the ZXLD136ET5TA being a great option for anyone requiring such an electrical circuit.

ZXLD1362ET5TA Technical Specifications

The ZXLD1362ET5TA LED driver has a Buck (Step Down) device topology, as well as an input voltage range between 6V and 60V. Its output current max is 1A, while it has a switching frequency of 1MHz and 10 outputs. The product comes with 5 pins, as well as an operating temperature range between -40°C and 125°C. It doesn't have SVHC capabilities, but it does have a highly impressive efficiency rating of 95%. And course it supports LED lighting, which means that it is versatile and adaptable to a huge variety of appliances, machines and devices that also utilise LED lighting in a variety of colours.

Other ZXLD1362ET5TA Notes

The ZXLD1362ET5TA is easy to get to grips with quickly, and it can be integrated with any of the corresponding machines immediately. We recommend that you take a look at the user manual that comes with this product in order to be able to make the most effective use of this LED driver item.

Why You Need The ZXLD1362ET5TA

The ZXLD1362ET5TA LED driver is capable of integrating with so many different machines. And you will see examples of an LED driver being put to good use in the home, at the office or on the street. Indeed, anywhere and anything that uses LED lighting can benefit from the utilisation of an LED driver. And if that is what you are looking for, then we cannot recommend the ZXLD1362ET5TA strongly enough.

Pricing And Availability

If you check out oemsecrets, you will see that the lowest break price available for the ZXLD1362ET5TA LED driver is £1.19 courtesy of Future Electronics. And so you can buy this item from oemsecrets right now. Want to know more? You can learn everything else that you wish to know about this product at to get all of the information that you need.