TLC555IP Diagram
TLC555IP is a Texas Instruments timer oscillator known for delivering precise oscillation and time delays. This IC or integrated circuit’s fabrication process uses TILinCMOS. It has high input impedance, which means it is capable of keeping current low even if it produces high voltage. As such, the TLC555IP offers strong support for timing capacitors that are smaller than the ones powered by LM555 or NE555. This device delivers solid performance while ensuring low power consumption.


What is a 555 Timer Oscillator?

The 555 Timer Oscillator is considered a standard in the industry as it has existed since the early days of integrated circuits. More popularly known as 555 Timer, it is a precision timing device that has two major functions: relaxation oscillator and timer. 

As a relaxation oscillator, the 555 Timer Oscillator creates several waveforms. The duty cycles of these stabilized waveforms range from 50% to 100%. 

As a timer, the 555 Timer Oscillator, such as Texas Instruments’ TLC555IP produces long-time delays and single pulses. 

The 555 Timer combines three 5kΩ resistors, which are connected internally. These are what generate the comparators for two voltage references. A comparator is used to compare and determine which among two voltages and outputs are larger. Voltage reference, on the other hand, is a circuit or electronic component that creates a steady direct-current or DC voltage irrespective of certain external factors. These include passage of time, barometric pressure, current demand, temperature, and humidity. 

A regular 555 Timer package has the following:

  • Two diodes
  • 25 transistors
  • More or less 16 resistors (these are formed into two comparators)
  • High-current output source
  • Flip-flop (Bistable Circuit – stable in two output states: output low and output high)

TLC555IP Applications and Features 

Texas Instruments’ TLC555IP is used in a variety of functions and applications, such as:

  • Pulse generation
  • Generating time delay
  • Precision timing
  • Linear ramp generator
  • Modulation of pulse position
  • Modulation of pulse width
  • Sequential timing

Below are its most significant specifications:

  • Series: TLC555 manufactured by Texas Instruments
  • One (1) internal timer
  • Through-Hole Mounting
  • Maximum supply voltage is 15V; Minimum is 2V
  • Length is 9.81mm; Height is 4.57mm; Width is 6.35mm
  • Operating temperature:
    • Maximum: +125°C
    • Minimum: -40°C
  • Output current:
    • High: 100mA
    • Low: -10mA
  • Unit weight is 440.400mg
  • Pd-Power Dissipating is at 1000mW
  • Operating supply current is 250uA

Other important specs and features:

  • Full compatibility with MOS, TTL, and CMOS
  • Swinging Rail-to-Rail CMOS Output
  • Power consumption is very low
  • Reduced output transitions spikes because of low supply current
  • Astable mode capability
  • Can be functionally interchanged with NE555
  • Automotive standards qualification
  • Print support and configuration control (Q-temp automotive)
  • Highly reliable for automotive applications
  • Electrostatic discharge protection is high – over 2000V per MIL-STD-883C
  • Packaging: tube
  • Case/Package: PDIP-8

TLC555IP Pin configuration

Texas Instruments, the globally popular manufacturer of TLC555IP, is recognized as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of integrated circuits and semiconductors. One of the company’s employees, Jack Kilby, is acknowledged as the inventor of the integrated circuit. Kilby, who was part of Texas Instruments’ Central Research Labs, came out with the IC in 1958.