This article covers everything that you should know as it pertains to the MMBT2222ALT1G bipolar transistor. And it’s available now from OEM Secrets, with On Semiconductor as manufacturer and Future Electronics as distributor. So, please read on to learn more about this exciting product.

MMBT2222ALT1G Bipolar Transistor by On Semiconductor
MMBT2222ALT1G bipolar transistor


A bipolar transistor such as the MMBT2222ALT1G serves a vital purpose. Indeed, it ensures the injection of a small current within a terminal to ensure a greater flow of current between two remaining terminals. As a result, the machine in question is able to amplify and switch. This is particular significant for any machine that has to amplify either analogue or digital signals. That means the likes of a television, a radio and, alongside HDMI cables, a videogame console. Furthermore, a bipolar transistor contains three elements, which are the emitter, the base and the collector. And all three have a hand in the successful flow of electric currents whilst in full use.

MMBT2222ALT1G Technical Specifications

Looking into the technical make-up of the MMBT2222ALT1G, this bipolar transistor has NPN transistor polarity. And it has a strong collector emitter voltage of 40V. Now, it has a transition frequency of 300MHz, along with a power dissipation of 225mW and a SOT-23 transistor case study. That’s in addition to a DC collector current of 600mA and a DC current gain of 50Hfe. With an automotive qualification standard of AEC-Q101 and three pins, the product also has an extremely impressive operating temperature range, stretching from -55°C to 150°C. So, the MMBT2222ALT1G is a leading industry example when it comes to a high-performance bipolar transistor.

Other Notes

The impact of a successful bipolar transistor installation is immediately noticeable. That’s because signals appear quicker, louder, brighter and sharper. And that ensures a stronger performance standard for your machines. Note that we always provide a user guide on how to successfully install the MMBT2222ALT1G in next-to-no time.

Why You Need The MMBT2222ALT1G

It’s impressive to see the likes of a 4K Full HD television, or a modern games console that has the capabilities to produce 4K and even 8K graphics. But none of these can truly work as intended without a properly-functioning and high-performance bipolar transistor. So, that’s why you need the MMBT2222ALT1G, because it can deliver upon all of your expectations. That means the brightest graphics, the loudest audio, the strongest power and, consequently, the most enjoyable entertainment experience possible. And this is also helpful for large-scale events where a significant number of bipolar transistors can operate as one combination to create an incredible amount of power for audio and imagery. So, make sure to get the best signals out of your modern machines by picking up this incredible product today.

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Author: Mark Armstrong
Published: August 12, 2021