By reading this article, you will find all about the IRLML6402TRPBF transistor product. This item comes courtesy of the manufacturer Infineon Technologies, and you can compare pricing and save today by buying through, from authorised distributors including the likes of Farnell, Future Electronics and Mouser Electronics. From here, we will delve into explaining what this item is and how it can help you as design engineer or an electronics product maker.

IRLML6402TRPBF transistor by infineon techmologies

IRLML6402TRPBF Transistor


The IRLML6402TRPBF transistor acts as a semiconductor which amplifies and switches signals. These are all electronic components and focus on the transition of electrical power within electrical appliances and machines. A transistor is hugely important to the functionality of an electronic machine, housing a minimum of three terminals that allow for a working connection towards some form of external circuit. Appliances that use transistors include the likes of computers, light switches, cameras, watches, hearing aids, gps tracker, calculators, pacemakers and more. And the IRLML6402TRPBF sets the industry standard for transistor performance, quality and longevity.

IRLML6402TRPBF Technical Specifications

The IRLML6402TRPBF transistor has P channel polarity, as well as a continuous drain current of -3.7 A. Its drain source voltage stands at -20V, and it has a threshold voltage of -550mV. As well as meeting the automotive qualification standard for safety, this transistor has a full power rating temperature of 25°C, as well as a junction temperature range between -55°C and 150°C. Furthermore, it has the same range when it comes to operating temperatures, allowing it to effectively function at both freezing and boiling temperature levels. And it has a compact size, with an external depth of 2.5mm, an external width of 3.05mm and an external length/height of 1.12mm.

Other Notes

Take the time to properly set up the IRLML6402TRPBF by using the enclosed instruction manual and datasheet. This will allow you to achieve maximum performance in minimal time. Bear in mind that a transistor is used in a huge variety of electrical appliances. So, it could be that you need this item in bulk in order for all of your projects and electronic product development in the office or at home to benefit.

Why You Need The IRLML6402TRPBF

The IRLML6402TRPBF is the very best transistor that you will find when it comes to a total package. This covers the likes of first-class performance, strong design quality, miniature size, affordable cost, and versatility for usage. Indeed, a transistor does so much work that goes unnoticed to the untrained eye, and yet without a transistor, so many of the machines we use daily wouldn’t work. But it isn’t enough to simply have any transistor; you should pick the one that will perform its duties to the highest level. And that’s what you will get when it comes to the IRLML6402TRPBF.

Pricing And Availability

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