In this article, we will talk about the FT232RL-REEL USB interface bridge product. This item is manufactured by FTDI Chip, and it’s available for purchase right now on oemsecrets from such authorised distributors as Farnell, Mouser Electronics, Arrow and RS Components. As for what the key benefits of this particular product are? Allow us to explain.

FT232RL-REEL USB Interface Bridge by FTDI Chip
FT232RL-REEL USB Interface Bridge 


To begin, the FT232RL-REEL is a USB interface bridge that acts as a lone USB to serial UART interface. It works as a lone chip within the USB that delivers an asynchronous serial data transfer interface. Amongst the main features that it boasts are a lack of requirement for USB firmware programmes, USB termination resistors with full integration, data transfer rates ranging from 300 baud to 3 Mbaud/Megabaud and a USB FTDI Chip-ID feature that is unique to this item. The main purpose of the product is to integrate a USB interface within a variety of items such as a UART, an SPI and an I2C serial without needing the use of firmware. The FT232RL-REEL is amongst the very best USB interface bridge products that you can find on the market today.

FT232RL-REEL Technical Specifications

The FT232RL-REEL USB interface bridge provides a USB to UART bridge connection. Its supply voltage ranges from 1.8V to 5.25V, with a temperature range between -40°C and 85°C. It also has an SSOP interface case style, as well as 28 pins. This item, which is part of the FT232 product range from FTDI Chip, meets the automotive qualification standard. All of these elements combine to deliver high quality, as well as ensuring strong durability, speed and safety. And while it is primarily designed to link to a UART, it can also connect to other receivers and transmitters.

Other Notes

As is often the case with these products, the FT232RL-REEL USB interface bridge comes with a datasheet; an instruction manual that allows the customer to set up the item quickly and efficiently. It’s important to get the connections right from the beginning to ensure seamless connectivity and first-class performance. So, we recommend that you take the time to practice using this item and getting to grips with its features before using it on a regular basis, especially when it comes to business usage.

Why You Need The FT232RL-REEL

The FT232RL-REEL acts as a strong alternative to a microcontroller. With plenty of functions, vast ranges in terms of voltage and temperature, fast speeds, versatile connections and the highest safety standards, there aren’t any interface bridges better and more cost-effective than the FT232RL-REEL. Furthermore, it is supplied by all of the leading distributors within the industry, who believe that this is one of the very best USB interface bridges that you will find anywhere. And this product will also remain active as we see technological changes in the ways that UARTs, SPIs, serials and other outsources are developed. So, you will benefit from a long life span of usage for this item.

Pricing And Availability

The lowest break price right now for the FT232RL-REEL USB interface bridge is £3.49 (as of the date of publishing). This product is in stock and available to buy as we write this from Farnell (save 10% using this discount code) on oemsecrets. You can find out further details about this item as well as comparing prices and availabilities from our distributors by going to