The SHT85 humidity sensor is a pin-type device, so it’s easier to change. It can also convert data from analog to digital and is considered the higher-end version of SHT75 (EOL) and SHT71, which most consider as the standard. 

What Is A Humidity Sensor?

Although people cannot see it, water is actually abundant in the atmosphere or the air. Humidity describes the level of water vapor present in these places.

There are two ways to measure humidity: absolute and relative. Most sensors, such as SHT85, can detect relative humidity. It can determine the volume of water vapor in relation to temperature. 

What has temperature got to do with it? To understand this, let’s talk about the seasons. In the summer, humidity levels can soar as warm air holds more moisture. This also suggests that, in the winter, the humidity levels can drop. 

The effects of humidity levels in real life are wide-ranging. High humidity levels are often uncomfortable. People often describe the feeling as muggy. It’s different from a real warm temperature. 

In the winter, when temperatures are low and humidity dives, it can leave skin drier than usual. This is because of the insufficient moisture in the air. 

Knowing the humidity levels is very important in a lot of industries. Think about food manufacturing. High humidity may indicate increased moisture that could boost the risk of bacterial contamination. The same goes for producing and storing medicine.

Wildly fluctuating humidity levels could also suggest that a location’s temperature may not be ideal.

What is the SHT85 Humidity Sensor?

SHT85 Humidity Sensor

This is one of the most popular sensors developed by Sensirion and is a replacement part of the series that includes SHT75 that has been labeled End of Life (EOL) and SHT71. Between the three, though, experts believe that SHT85 is a better option.

SHT85 is a pin-type sensor, which means it’s easy to replace or move from one piece of equipment to another.  It has a PTFE membrane that protects the sensor opening from liquids and dust making it ideal for harsh environments and also meeting IP67 standards, without affecting the response time of the RH signal. 

Like most sensors that measure relative humidity, this one uses a capacitive mechanism. Capacitive sensors can detect elements and objects without contact with any surface. Unlike the inductive, this tool can analyze a wide variety of materials including temperature and fluid levels. It is also equipped with a band-gap that measures temperature. 

These elements are packed in a small unit and include a digital converter for easy reading and analysis. The device also comes with a calibration memory embedded in it, so there’s no need to do constant recalibration of the sensors. All these ensure that the device’s performance ratio is high. 

Moreover, SHT85 can work in low power.  It operates at a supply voltage between 2.15V and 5.5V. There’s also a serial interface circuit that further speed up the response time and boost the quality of the signals. 

Pin Assignment

As per the diagram above, the SHT85 comes with a 4-pin-type connector which we will show you the Pin assignment and power pin setup below:

SHT85 Pin Assignment

Features of SHT85 Humidity Sensor

  • High accuracy at ±1.5% in relative humidity
  • Temperature sensitivity at ±0.1 degrees Celsius
  • Operates at 2.15V to 5.5V
  • Comes with a 2-wire digital interface
  • Energy consumption at 80 µW
  • Operating range from 0 to 100% RH
  • Temperature operating range at -40 to 105 degrees Celsius
  • Response time of 8 seconds (Relative Humidity) and 2 seconds (Temperature)
  • Measures 17.8mm in length, 4.9mm in width, and 2.1mm in height

This article has only covered the basics and we hope it sheds some light on the SHT85 humidity sensor and its potential applications in the real world. Keep an eye on more related topics in the coming weeks. To buy this product or other related temperature and humidity sensors, use our manufacturer's part number tool at the top of this page for real-time price data and inventory availability. For bulk orders, go to our BoM Tool and upload your list for free! is a search engine for electronic parts for hobbyists and professionals alike with over 120+ distributors and thousands of manufacturers, with millions of parts listed and updated every day.