Manufactured by Microchip Technology, the MIC5235YM5-TR is a linear voltage regulator. It is a low dropout regulator with 310mV at 150mA, and wide input voltage range – from 2.3V to 24V. This highly accurate voltage regulator combines low ground current and high voltage, which makes it perfect for portable electronic applications and USB with 1, 2, or 3-cell Li-Ion battery inputs. There are two MIC5235YM5-TR versions to choose from: 

  1. Adjustable
  2. Fixed output voltage

To keep this regulator stable, it has to have a 2.2LµF capacitor. MIC5235YM5-TR is compatible with both tantalum and ceramic output capacitors. 

What is a Voltage Regulator?

A voltage regulator, like the MIC5235YM5-TR, is an electronic device that helps keep a power source’s voltage within the allowed limits. These limits refer to the tolerable range for electrical equipment that uses a particular voltage. In simpler terms, the task of a voltage regulator is to keep a voltage stable by reducing the larger one to a smaller voltage. This is what is then used to deliver power to electronic products. 

Voltage regulators for electronic devices are equipped with semiconductors that work on smoothing out current flow variations. Too much variation in current flows have diverse effects. When too many appliances are plugged into one circuit, it results to power surges. Voltage regulators act as variable resistances – as such. A heavy electrical load decreases resistance while a lighter load produces an increase in resistance.

Voltage regulators, specifically the MIC5235YM5-TR, are ideally applied in and used for cellular phones, USB power supply, battery-powered systems, and automotive electronics. The MIC5235YM5-TR is also used for sustaining power supply in portable computers and notebooks, as well as in providing logic supply for high-voltage batteries. 

MIC5235YM5-TR Specifications and Technical Attributes

Here are the technical specifications for the MIC5235YM5-TR regulator:

Feature Value
Ultra-low ground current 18µA
Extensive input voltage 2.3V to 24V
Small dropout voltage 310mV at 150mA
Operating temperature -40°C to 125°C
Enable input voltage –0.3V to 38V 
Input supply voltage –20V to 38V 
Output type Adjustable
Output current 150mA
Storage temperature -65°C - +150°C 
Power dissipation Internally limited
Number of outputs One (1)
Number of regulators One (1)
Mount Surface Mount
Length 2.9 mm
Height 1.1 mm
Width 1.6 mm
Unit weight 6.300 mg

MIC5235YM5-TR Characteristics and Features

As a 150mA µCap LDO regulator, MIC5235YM5-TR provides ultra-low quiescent current. It has several distinctive characteristics and features.

  • Thermal shutdown
  • Reverse leakage protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Enable input
  • Static and modifiable output voltage (1.24V-20V)
  • IttyBitty SOT-23-5 package with -40°C - 125°C junction temperature range
  • Zero shutdown current
  • Current limit protection
  • Line and load regulation specifications
  • High output accuracy of ±2.0% over temperature
  • It is stable with tantalum or ceramic capacitors

The MIC5235YM5-TR voltage regulator is also lead-free and has no radiation hardening. However, it is not RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant. Likewise, it is also an ESD-sensitive or electrostatic-sensitive device. Extra care and precaution are necessary when handling the regulator. 

Semiconductor giant Microchip Technology manufactures both the MIC5235YM5-TR and ATMEGA128-16AU.

Published: April 1, 2021