In this article, we are going to provide a full explanation of what makes the MC74HC595ADR2G shift register one of the very best products of its kind. It is an electronic part listed here at oemsecrets with ON Semiconductor as the manufacturer. Active distributors that sell this electronic component include Farnell, RS Electronics UK and Future Electronics. So, if you want to know why this is a product that should be well worthy of your attention, simply continue to read this article.


The MC74HC595ADR2G acts as a serial-input/serial or parallel-output shift register. What does this mean? Well, to explain it in detail, the shift register accepts serial data and provides a serial output. This device also has an asynchronous reset for the shift register. The product directly interfaces with the SPI serial data port on CMOS MPUs and MCUs.

MC74HC595ADR2G Technical Specifications

The MC74HC595ADR2G has output drive capability. This means that it outputs a direct interface to CMOS, NMOS and TTL. It has an operating voltage range of 2.0 to 6.0V, low input current and high noise immunity. As well as this, the product is in compliance with requirements defined by JEDEC Standard No. 7A, and it also has chip complexity 328 FETs (82 equivalent gates). Therefore, the MC74HC595ADR2G shift register not only features impressive outputs, but it is also compliant with various requirements, making it a highly efficient and a very safe product that is worthy of investment.

Other MC74HC595ADR2G Notes

The MC74HC595ADR2G consists of an 8-bit shift register and an 8-bit D-type latch with three-state parallel outputs. This high-performance combination makes this item a highly efficient shift register, and therefore it’s a product worth looking at buying based on performance and quality alone. It is, as you will see when you read on, also extremely reasonable as far as price is concerned. So, it is not only efficient, but it is inexpensive as well.

Why You Need The MC74HC595ADR2G

The MC74HC595ADR2G is the very best shift register that you will find when it comes to a total package. This covers the likes of first-class performance, strong design quality, miniature size, affordable cost and versatility for usage. Sometimes, products such as these are overlooked when it comes to just how imperative they are for serials to output as intended. Yet to those in the know with sufficient technical knowledge, a shift register is an incredibly important, useful and efficient piece of kit. Therefore, we advise anyone that requires a shift register to pay close attention to this product. And if you’re looking to make a purchase for an item of this nature, then we give two solid thumbs up to the MC74HC595ADR2G.

MC74HC595ADR2G Pricing and Availability 

So, the lowest break price at this point in time for the MC74HC595ADR2G shift register is £0.10. And you can purchase this item, with RS Electronics UK as the most cost-effective distributor option, right now courtesy of oemsecrets. But if you want to know more about this item before you decide to make a purchase, we recommend that you visit

Author: Mark Armstrong
Published: September 9, 2021