Who are digital aggregators?

An aggregator is often considered a distributor of data and in this context digital aggregators can be described as online web platforms that gather data from different online sources by either calling an API or scrapping for reuse as a value-added service.

Data aggregators over the decades have pushed innovation to the limits and are now able to deliver high-quality, searchable, cost-effective, and make the end product more convenient for its users.

How to approach sourcing using digital aggregators

Procurement technologies are advancing rapidly, moving through a regular cycle and this has enabled buyers especially organisations to do much more than they were able to do many years ago. Oemsecrets and other aggregators have accelerated the use of online solutions using big data and vast databases to improve decision making and efficiency of buyers, be it management, engineering teams, or even hobbyist handling small engineering projects. For organisations looking to embrace digital solutions, the path has never been easier. Anyone can now check stock, lead time, prices from suppliers with a mouse click. For this to work seamlessly, organisations need platforms like ours to be able to capture, analyse, and act on real-time data, an activity that oemsecrets' team is passionate about and makes this available in real-time to all our partners.

Our latest product, the BoM (Bill of Materials) management tool is one of the simple tools we think we'll have a big impact in the electronic engineering industry. It creates a simple way to upload a list of electronics parts and get the best price from distributors, saving considerable costs and time. The free version will allow you to upload up to 250 lines of products using MPN (manufacturers part number) and by using MPN, you are able to improve your order accuracy by using real-time data from our suppliers.

As highlighted above, digital solutions from search engine aggregators are enabling this future by providing:

  1. Access to previously unavailable data,
  2. Bringing order to massive unstructured data;
  3. Aiding better supplier strategies, by working round the manual complex analysis, and as a result
  4. Enabling more efficient operations in the project delivery.

Therefore, if you have been running your sourcing research manually over the phone, you might want to consider tapping into our vast system and see how much time and money it will save you. The tangible innovation benefits everyone can visibly see from our system are:

  1. Buy cheaper - by leveraging big data systems,
  2. Buy better - as you can compare prices and also shorten supply chains and lead time,
  3. Spend less - as it reduces the cost of unnecessary activities mainly for doing research or placing orders.

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Author: Ben Kariuki
Published: March 12, 2021