We are going to provide a full breakdown of the CY14B104LA-ZS45XI semi-conductor product. This electronic part is manufactured by Cypress Semiconductor, and it’s available today through oemsecrets, with the authorised distributors such as Mouser Electronics UK, RS Electronics UK and Future Electronics. At this stage, we will begin to focus on the specific details relating to this highly useful SRAM.

CY14B104LA-ZS45XI Static RAM by Cypress Semiconductor
CY14B104LA-ZS45XI semi-conductor


The CY14B104LA-ZS45XI semi-conductor allows everything from simple switching circuits involving devices such as computers, smartphones and medical equipment to the ability to function and respond to user commands with both accuracy and efficiency. A semiconductor is hugely important to the functionality of machines, boasting 20-year data retention and Industrial temperature. Indeed, the CY14B104LA-ZS45XI semi--conductor sets the industry standard for the performance, quality and longevity that one expects from such an item as this.

CY14B104LA-ZS45XI Technical Specifications

The CY14B104LA-ZS45XI semi-conductor is a fast static RAM (SRAM), with a non-volatile element in each memory cell. Furthermore, it has a memory which is organised as 512K bytes of 8 bits each or 256K words of 16-bits each. The embedded non-volatile elements incorporate QuantumTrap technology, producing the world’s most reliable non-volatile memory. The fast static ram (SRAM) provides infinite read and write cycles while independent non-volatile data resides in the highly reliable QuantumTrap cell. The product’s data transfers take place automatically at power-down and are restored on power-up from the non-volatile memory. All of these are just some of the reasons why the product is an ideal semi-conductor due to its non-volatile elements, sufficient memory and infinite read and write cycles.

Other Notes

As well as the various technical specifications detailed above, both the non-volatile elements (the STORE operation) and the SRAM (the RECALL operation) of the CY14B10LA-ZS45XI semi-conductor are available under software control, making the product as efficient and easy to operate as possible.

Why You Need The CY14B104LA-ZS45XI

The CY14B104LA-ZS45XI is the very best semi-conductor that you will find when it comes to a total package. This covers the likes of first-class performance, strong design quality, small size, affordable price and versatility for usage. But because we don’t necessarily see the semi-conductor at work, we may not appreciate just how pivotal a role that it plays for the performance and efficiency of so many crucial office and household items. However, this doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be in need of this to achieve the best standards possible from all of these machines and more. As covered in this page, then, the CY14B104LA-ZS45XI is an efficient semi-conductor of the highest quality, which is why you should consider purchasing it from us today. 

Pricing and Availability 

So, the lowest price for the CY14B104LA-ZS45XI semi-conductor is £16.35. It is one of the very best semi-conductors on the market right now, and you can purchase it from oemsecrets today. To make a purchase, or simply to learn more information about the product and its technical specifications, you can visit https://www.oemsecrets.com/details/cy14b104la-zs45xi.

Author: Mark Armstrong
Published: September 7, 2021