Waterproof connectors offer a significant advantage in system design by simplifying mechanical assembly, especially when connections need to be kept operational whilst underwater. BULGIN's Buccaneer series not only achieves this but also provides a high current-carrying capacity, making it an ideal choice for various applications. This article explores the features and benefits of the PX0731/P connector, a member of the Buccaneer family, highlighting its versatility and reliability as an industrial connector

BULGIN PX0731/P Buccaneer – waterproof connectors

BULGIN PX0731/P in detail

Versatile Connection Options:

The PX0731/P connector is part of BULGIN's wire-to-wire connectors family. Depending on the specific variant selected, it offers various connection options to suit different requirements. BULGIN provides front panel mounting, rear panel mounting, and classic board-to-wire variants for printed circuit boards. Additionally, low-profile versions are available to accommodate situations with limited physical clearances.  

Supports different signal requirements:

The PX0731/P connector is a flex cable connector that comes with three poles. It offers multiple options, including BNC connectors suitable for medium frequency applications. Notably, it supports both 50 and 75-ohm BNC connectors, providing maximum flexibility to meet different signal requirements.  

High Power Delivery:

The datasheet for the PX0731/P connector informs us that each contact is certified to carry ten amps at a maximum voltage of 250V. As the number of poles increases, the current-carrying capacity and maximum allowable voltage decrease. The three-pole version of the connector features a leading earth design, with one of the pins longer than the others, ensuring proper signal sequencing and maintaining signal integrity.  

Certification and Waterproof Rating:

BULGIN certifies the Buccaneer connector family in accordance with CSA, UL, and VDE standards. Furthermore, the connectors undergo rigorous testing to achieve an IP68 water-proof rating. According to the datasheet, they are tested at 15lb/sq-in (15 psi) at a depth of 10m for 2 weeks and 140lb/sq-in (140 psi) at a depth of 100m for 12 hours, ensuring their reliability in challenging environments.  

Additional Features and Availability:

To ensure a watertight seal without a mating pair, the PX0731/P connector can be paired with a sealing cap. Keying features are also incorporated to prevent incorrect connections. Furthermore, the connector is widely available from various distributors listed on our platform, providing easy accessibility. Price points of approximately $15 USD per unit for a quantity of 100 (Correct as of publication date).  


When it comes to waterproof connectors with high current capability, the BULGIN Buccaneer series offers a reliable solution. The PX0731/P connector, with its IP68 rating, is ideal for applications requiring low-frequency control or medium-energy power signals in harsh operating environments. With its versatility, robustness, and ease of availability, the PX0731/P connector stands out as an ideal choice for those seeking an IP68 connector solution.