Today, we are going to go into great depth about the BTA26-800BWRG thyristor item. This is a product that is manufactured by STMicroelectronics, and it’s in stock right now on the oemsecrets website. Amongst our authorised distributors for this particular thyristor product are Mouser Electronics UK, Future Electronics and RS Components UK. With all of that being said, let us now talk about what the BTA26-800BWRG can do for you as an OEM or EMS.

BTA26-800BWRG thyristor by STMicroelectronics
 BTA26-800BWRG thyristor


The BTA26-800BWRG thyristor acts as a device which controls electric power and current by acting as a switch. This switch is able to conduct when the gate receives a current trigger, and it continues to conduct until the voltage in a particular device is removed. It is available either in through-hole or surface-mount packages. And the BTA24, BTB24, BTA25, BTA26, BTB26 and T25 triac series are all suitable for general purpose mains power AC switching. A thyristor is hugely important to the functionality of an electronic machine, and it continues to perform effectively until it is no longer needed. Appliances that use thyristors include the likes of light dimmers, motor speed controllers, and similar. And the BTA26-800BWRG sets the industry standard when it comes to the performance, quality and longevity of a first-class thyristor.

BTA26-800BWRG Technical Specifications

The BTA26-800BWRG thyristor has a high current triac, low thermal resistance with clip bonding, high commutation of 4 quadrant or very high commutation (3 quadrant) capability. The product is BTA series UL1557 certified and RoHS compliant. The high current triac has low resistance and high commutation capability, all of which makes the BTA26-800BWRG thyristor an ideal option for anyone requiring such product. 

Other Notes

If you have not been inspired to purchase such product based on its technical specifications, you might be persuaded by the fact that the BTA26-800BWRG thyristor boasts high commutation performance and an insulated tab, making it a brilliant option for anyone who may require such product for everyday use. 

Why You Need The BTA26-800BWRG

Simply put, the BTA26-800BWRG thyristor by STMicroelectronics is the very best thyristor that you will find when it comes to a total package. This covers the likes of first-class performance, strong design quality, miniature size, affordable cost and versatility for usage. Indeed, a thyristor does so much work that goes unnoticed to the untrained eye. And yet without a thyristor, so many of the machines we use on a daily basis wouldn’t work. But it isn’t enough to simply have any thyristor; you should pick the one that will perform its duties to the highest level. And that’s what you will get when it comes to the BTA26-800BWRG.

Pricing And Availability

The lowest break price currently for the BTA26-800BWRG thyristor is £4.51. As noted, it’s in stock and available for you to purchase today courtesy of RS Components UK on the main oemsecrets website. If you want to buy this item yourself, or if you wish to find out more about the product, you can visit

Author: Mark Armstrong
Published: September 7, 2021