In our blog, we often spotlight the top electrical items that we stock which allows for all of our favourite machines and devices to perform as necessary. And so in this particular article, we are going to break down the BPW21R photo diode product. This has proven to be one of the more sought-after items that has been produced by Vishay Intertechnology. And it is available to buy today on oemsecrets, with numerous credible distributors of this item including the likes of Mouser Electronics UK, RS Electronics UK and Future Electronics. But why should you buy this particular item, and why could it prove to be so important for you to use?
Allow us to provide the answers.

BPW21R photo diode by vishay
BPW21R photo diode


The BPW21R photo diode is a planar Silicon PN photodiode in a hermetically sealed short TO-5 case, which is especially designed for high precision linear applications. They are faster and more complex than normal PN junction diodes, hence their frequent use for lighting and optical communication. 

BPW21R Technical Specifications

The BPW21R photo diode has a package form: TO-5, Dimensions of 8.13 in mm), a radiant sensitive area (in mm2) of 7.5. As well as this, it boasts high photo sensitivity and is adapted to human eye responsivity. The product has an angle of half sensitivity of u03d5 = u00b1 50u00b0 as well as a hermetically sealed package, with cathode connected to the same package.

It also boasts a flat glass window, a low dark current, a high shunt resistance, high linearity and, in terms of reliability, it is compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and in accordance with WEEE 2002/96/EC. Therefore, you are not only getting a product of the highest quality, but also one of the highest safety standard as well. 

Other Notes

Due to its extremely high dark resistance, the short circuit photocurrent is linear over seven decades of illumination level. The device is equipped with a flat glass window with built in color correction filter, giving an approximation to the spectral response of the human eye.

Why You Need The BPW21R photo diode

The BPW21R photo diode is an excellent example of a photo diode that does everything that you require from such product. It is powerful, miniature and light, whilst also being capable of working within required products. It also ensures that linked machines and operations perform to the necessary standard. After all, they truly cannot work without the appropriate background product. Effortless performance can be achieved by using the BPW21R photo diode, so why not purchase one for yourself today?

Pricing And Availability

If you wish to buy the BPW21R photo diode, then the lowest break price that we have to offer at present is £4.60. And so you could buy this anytime from our team right here at oemsecrets. So, to take a closer look at this product online prior to making a purchase, or for other information about its technical specifications from datasheet, you can visit