Deutsch’s DT series is a popular automotive connector produced by the TE connectivity brand. TE Connectivity acquired Deutsch but continues to manufacture the series in an unchanged fashion. With the 0460-202-16141, a mating-pin option from this connector family is on the market.  

As shown in the figure, the part is intended as a crimp connector. The inspection hole visible in the middle of the diagram is intended for quality assurance, and usually sees no use in cable attachment.  

0460-202-16141 – a flexible mating pin for the TE connector range

Incidentally, the 0460-202-16141 mates with both 16 AWG and 20 AWG wire, thereby providing a trade-off between cable weight, cable resistance and other parameters of relevance to the cable tree. 

Like the rest of the TE Connectivity DT connector, the mating pin supports a wide temperature range. 0460-202-16141 minimum temperature is -55 degrees celsius, while maximum temperature is 125 degrees celsius. In addition to that, the connectors use silicone seals, thereby protecting the mating pins from harsh environmental conditions. 

High-current operation is not an issue. The specified current for the pin is 13 Amperes, with a measurement in the data sheet promising a voltage drop of less than 100 mV at this current. 


Deutsch data sheet found at provides information on the layout of the mating connectors as shown in the image. Contacts may be paralleled to drive additional current if care is taken during power on and power off 

0460-202-16141 datasheet

Finally, 0460-202-16141 crimp tools also come in a variety of types and sizes. Here at price comparison we have listed  a variety of distributors stocking the Deutsch crimp tool, thereby saving money when setting up an assembly line 

0460-202-16141 datasheet

0460-202-16141 availability is uncritical, the mating pin is widely stocked. When purchasing one hundred mating pins, the 0460-202-16141 price, on average, is around 50 USD cents per piece. In some cases, prices closer to 25 cents can be seen 


If Deutsch DT connectors will see use, mating them with the recommended mating pin is best for optimal performance of the interconnect. The 0460-202-16141 mating pin is the gold standard for the application at hand. Thanks to its excellent properties, the flexible, affordable, and highly performant part is always recommended