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Sponsored Emails and Featured Stories

Deliver your message to our database of subscribed buyers and engineers
Send geo-targeted sponsored newsletters to over 14000 subscribers for campaigns such as lead generation, new product innovation, webinars, offers and company news. Gain better engagement by listing the article on our homepage as a featured story.
Shared on social and via our media partners
Free design services for email campaigns
Industry leading conversion rates
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Inventory Listing and Sponsored Positions

List in stock inventory to thousands of buyers and engineers
Upload your data feed or provide your API to feature product inventory and pricing on Feature your products on other manufacturer and media partner sites including,, and more when authorised.
Sponsored search engine ranking positions for additional visibility
Sponsor positioning is available in both the price comparison, distributor and manufacturer search results. Premium positioning is proven to increase conversions with targeted product and supplier / manufacturer searches.

Product Line Promotions

Feature promotions and messages at the top of your product listing
In the price comparison and distributor results you can feature a message above your listing focusing on your promotion. Highlight this message with branded styling for additional emphasis.
Promote discounts, free shipping, offers, coupon codes and more
Target product lines and manufacturers with bespoke messages
Link directly to your campaigns from the message
Product Line Promotion

Display and Product Banners

Reach our audience with geo-targeted and product targeted banners
On the homepage present awareness campaigns with a large full height banner. Reach thousands of buyers and engineers on the comparison results page with product targeted banner and point of sale adverts. For dimensions and specifications see media pack.
Product targeted discount code campaigns
General branding and manufacturer / distributor co-op campaigns
Free design services for creatives

Manufacturer Direct Listings and Campaigns

Feature your manufacturer store directly in the price comparison and search results
Highlight your store listing with "Buy Direct" buttons alongside the authorised distributor results. List technical information such as request samples, datasheets, reference designs, companion products and more. Exclusive sections in the results for links to buy direct from your store. Show product specifications and information on our part details pages.
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